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 Case Studies

Business Challenge

Architects, designers and clients alike understand the benefits of using scale models to communicate design ideas, historically one model would have been made at the end of a design phase, the cost and lead time of such models often limited their use to larger projects and even then revisions were expensive and time consuming.


The ability to produce scale models not just of buildings, but of light fittings, hand rails, plants and vehicles, with significant costs savings compared to traditional model making, allows Architects and designers to use models even in the bidding stage to communicate design  ideas to potential clients.


• Design revision can be printed same day
• Client buy in much earlier in the project
• Modelling costs can be reduced by £1000's

The ability to use our Zinter to produce a model in under two hours has completely changed the way we now use models now within the practice.
- PM - Architect

Why use 3D Printing in Architectural Design?

  • Help Clients visualise your designs
  • Models produced in hours rather than weeks
  • Create library of commonly used parts