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 Zinter Resellers

Zinter Approved Resellers

Zinter Products are available through various business partners throughout the world. Our reseller team strictly vet reseller applicants to ensure that you will receive the same level of support and aftersales service no matter where you purchase your Zinter products. Zinter does not permit dropshipping of our products to ensure that all stockists are committed to providing first class service for our products.

Distributor Partners

For resellers and retailers, Zinter provides its products direct from our manufacturing Division in the UK.


We love the fact that our products are considered impressive enough for others to try and copy or replicate us, however we also know that customers who unwittingly purchase a 'fake' Zinter are in no way going to get the level of engineering and build quality that they expect.

Customers purchasing direct from Zinter or the resellers listed on this page can be sure that the products they buy are certain to have met our stringent quality controls and will benefit from Genuine Zinter service and support.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a Zinter product simply call us in the UK on 0844 409 7976 and speak to a member of the team who can with a few simple checks let you know what you are buying and if necessary put you in touch with a genuine authorised reseller.